Everything Changes

Musica e Parole: Gerolamo Sacco
Miyuki Soranji - Everything Changes (Singolo 2019, Miraloop)


The spring is coming with a sky made of pink
Deep on the memories of you and me   
The ice is melting and sliding away         
All the stories we lived, together, one day 
Please tell me, how can I change everything
For a summer of love, not just a fling
A sea of emotions bleeding out in the dark    
Shining bright on me like a rainbow at night 
新しい道へ  進まなきゃ
虹の上を   旅するの
I travel to  find out a new reason to see
A new way thru the stars, a new kind of dream 
My mind is falling and running away
Deep into the feelings of another day 
あなたを   ずっと愛してた   
涙が出る   雨のように
新しい道へ   進まなきゃ
虹の上を   旅するの    

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